Edmond Signage

The City of Edmond, Oklahoma, has requested new signage to be installed around the city to align better with their goals and objectives for their city brand.  LAUD Studio collected ideas for this project from the materials, public art and landscaping located throughout the city to bring social context and site history to the design.


Edmond goes to great lengths to achieve a welcoming aesthetic through the use of uniform materials, public art, and landscaping throughout the city. LAUD is working with those elements, and incorporating them into signage that has a timeless aesthetic that can be replicated in various locations throughout the city. Signage is a highly nuanced area of a project in which many factors must be incorporated to achieve an effort that is successful in design as well as aesthetic appearance. Lighting, innovative design, and use of materials are elements that greatly contribute to the success signage that helps create an identity for the context that surrounds it. Maintenance over time is also a chief element of this process. We are committed to designing Edmond signs that are not only visually exciting, but practical to maintain throughout their lifespan.    


Year: 2016-Current